About Us

Tucked away within the concrete jungle of Dubai, amongst the titans of the F&B industry, the warm and comforting restaurant Miracolo dwells, showcasing authentic Italian offerings.

Graciously handed down from one generation to another, patrons can indulge in an extensive list of traditional cooking techniques carried from the nooks of Napoli, Italy to DIFC’s doorstep.

Miracolo offers a gastronomic journey that heavily incorporates heritage with an innovative modern spin.

As an ode to their Italian roots, brothers and owners Francesco and Marco Miracolo serve up a plate of culinary nostalgia for guests looking to be transported to the narrow brick lanes of Italy.

 From the cuisine to the interiors, Miracolo presents guests with a humble and homely aesthetic that is true to form of any Italian eatery. From the open kitchen concept to the dome oven that has been flown over from Italy to Dubai, every crevice and meal oozes credibility.

The Italian flair, eccentricity, and simplicity can be observed in every detail, from the iconic list of pizzas that are made using specialty methods to the Italian expression wall that upholds ceramic hands that mimic the infamous Italian gestures. The ethos of the brand and the culture inevitably is to bring good-spirited individuals together in a celebration of the culinary arts.

Brand Origins

Pizzeria Miracolo known as ‘Pizzeria Miracolo da
Andrea’ is a specialty pizza shop in the Southern region
of Italy, near Napoli. They specialize in a really light and
crispy, crunchy pizza baked in a wood fired oven,
different from the typical Neapolitan pizza.

The brand has been popular among youth and families for its delightful pizzas since 1989.
At the young age of 18 years Andrea Miracolo and his wife
started a small take away pizzeria in the town of San
Marzano sul Sarno (famous for San Marzano tomatoes). It
soon gained popularity and flourished into a full fledged
restaurant supported and run by the whole Miracolo family.

Following the success of the first pizzeria, Andrea Miracolo
opened another pizzeria in 2009 in Sant’Egidio del Monte
Albino making it one of the most popular eateries in the

His son Marco who was also very passionate about
making pizzas since the young age of 10 followed suite and
attended one of the best schools for Pizza Makers in Italy
(Pizza New School) and gained knowledge from world
renowned chefs to master his pizza making techniques


Marco Miracolo

Marco Miracolo is a Pizza maker Instructor of Pizza News School, a very famous school for pizza makers spread throughout Italy Marco is authorized by the Italian pizza makers association to teach pizza courses in all his restaurants and to release teaching certificates from the school